Twitter: Tweeting? or spamming?

I’m pretty new to Twitter, but I’ve recently set up a business Twitter account (PatWolesky) and have started following leaders in the use of social media marketing. I think Twitter is an important tool for businesses to use, and it’s a valuable way for me as a marketing communications professional to grow in my knowledge of social media marketing.

Today for the first time I unfollowed someone I was following. I did so because I felt like I was being spammed, and I was getting increasingly annoyed by nonstop repeat tweeting, most of which was promoting his own products. This person has a lot of followers, so maybe I have a lower tolerance for spamming than a lot of people, but in my mind this definitely crossed the line.

I’m interested in other thoughts on how much is too much on Twitter. I’ve been reading different people’s thoughts on the subject. Some people don’t think you should tweet links back to your blog at all, but I have no problem with links to a new blog posting, as long as it’s not tweeted multiple times in a day. I read that at one point Twitter banned duplicate tweets, but I noticed that this person would slightly change the wording and use a different short link to the same underlying URL. I can understand tweeting something more than once, since the number of tweets at any time can be so massive that most people would miss it if you only tweeted it once. Traditional marketing says you need 7-10 contacts to make an impact, so more than one tweet may be reasonable, but if the 7-10 are all in one day, for me that crosses the line.

I can handle multiple links in a day for an event that is about to happen, where it’s only for a day or two and then it stops. I can’t handle that as a regular, day-to-day practice.

Do chime in with your thoughts!

About Pat Wolesky

I consider myself primarily a communicator, and I have 15 years of communication experience which includes product brochures and data sheets, ads, direct mail, press releases, Web content, trade show materials, online newsletters, training materials, and blogs (to name a few). I also have extensive experience in Web content management and knowledge management. Most recently I've been studying Search Engine Marketing, particularly Search Engine Optimization, and in late April of 2011 I completed training through Dakota County Technical College to be a Certified Master of Social Media.


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  1. Pat, I am kreedy on twitter. I follow many Social Media folks and web folks. Look through my list of people I follow and maybe follow some of them as well.

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