Certified Master of Social Media!

Today in the mail I found a letter telling me that I had passed the exam for my Certified Master of Social Media (CMSM) class at Dakota County Technical College. I’m looking forward to continuing education offerings as follow-up to this course, since you can’t teach everything there is to know about social media in three days, and even if you could it changes so fast that you couldn’t keep up without ongoing training.

The course was a good overview of how companies can incorporate social media to build their brand and engage with customers – an important part of any PR or marketing program, and a part that didn’t exist when I was doing Marcom work prior to a stint inside the firewall. It was also an excellent networking opportunity, and I learned about several groups where people involved in social media in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area meet to discuss issues around social media and interactive marketing.

Also through DCTC, I’m taking two online courses: Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. All of these concepts are so interrelated now that I think this combination of training, and practicing on the sites under my control, will enable me to offer a much more “full service” offering to a company I may work for, or to companies I may consult with if I choose to take that route.

About Pat Wolesky

I consider myself primarily a communicator, and I have 15 years of communication experience which includes product brochures and data sheets, ads, direct mail, press releases, Web content, trade show materials, online newsletters, training materials, and blogs (to name a few). I also have extensive experience in Web content management and knowledge management. Most recently I've been studying Search Engine Marketing, particularly Search Engine Optimization, and in late April of 2011 I completed training through Dakota County Technical College to be a Certified Master of Social Media.


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