About the Content Choreographer

Pat Wolesky started in the computer industry doing product planning, scheduling and purchasing. In the mid 1990s she made a transition into marketing communications, and found her true calling. Over the past 10 years most of her experience has been with Web communications, both internal and external. Pat’s expertise includes customer facing marketing content, interactive applications for desktop and mobile, blogging, intranets, wikis, web based training, and web news portals. Industry experience includes high tech, retail and banking.

Pat is a communicator and a story teller with words, and understands the importance of page flow and page design working with the words to deliver the message effectively. She is also an expert on content management, best practices and governance. Pat has done training development and online “how to” documentation as well, so if you need help getting your staff up to speed on some new software, Pat can help.

Pat’s diverse experience also includes video production using Camtasia, Windows MovieMaker and Video Edit Magic, and she is a skilled photographer who has self-published several books of urban wildlife photos.

Pat also has another blog, Midlife Musings.

You can follow the Content Choreographer on Twitter and LinkedIn.

To contact Pat, send an email to info@woleskyconsulting.com.

Pat Wolesky Consulting is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Clients from all locations are welcome.