The Content Choreographer

The Content Choreographer specializes in strategic communication, incorporating content strategy, user experience, targeted copywriting, and brand integration.

Strategic Communication Planning and Implementation

Content Strategy and Communication Planning

Understanding your customers is the first step to developing strategies and plans that yield results. Your messaging, your brand and your company voice should work together.

  • Customers: Where are they most likely to go for information? What blogs do they read? What websites do they frequent? What industry events do they go to? What social media do they use? Is there a predominant age, gender, comfort level with technology, or other demographic factor to consider? Answers to these questions drive strategies for which marketing communication channels make sense for your company.
  • Messaging: What are the “pain points” of your customers? What is the need that your products meet? What do you offer that is different or better than your competitors? What words or phrases will catch your customers’ interest? What keywords will they search for?
  • Branding: What does your brand say about your company? Do your taglines and graphics support your messaging and resonate with your customers? Do you need some brand development?
  • Voice, tone and style: If you have multiple copywriters working on different projects, how consistent is your content and the tone of the language? Does your company seem like it has multiple personalities depending on where your customer looks? Spending some time on voice and tone can help present one consistent voice to your customers no matter who is writing the content.

Implementation of Strategic Communications

The success of any communication plan requires effective implementation of your strategies. The Content Choreographer can also provide implementation assistance. That may include some of the following services:

  • Editorial Calendar: Incorporating multiple communication channels (web, print, social media, events, etc.)
  • Project Management: Coordinating the plan implementation
  • Copywriting: Targeted messaging to address customer needs
  • Branding: Incorporating consistent branding into all deliverables
  • Website updates: Refreshing branding and navigation, SEO updates, updated messaging, WordPress site development and template customization
  • User experience: Making sure that your customers find your site easy to use